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Understanding Golf Cart Battery Pack Options And How to Make Your Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

Understanding Golf Cart Battery Pack Options And How to Make Your Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

Most golf cars that are used these days use an electric golf cart battery that is 6 volts, and that’s why the majority of golf cart batteries search engines direct you to options that are 6v. But, of course, any golf car user who has used the 6-volt battery will indeed know there are a variety of reasons individuals would prefer to have a different alternative. Not only do 6-volt golf cart batteries typically drain their juice quite fast, but they can also be unreliable in terms of power and other requirements for performance.

To make the world of batteries a little more straightforward, we’ve created an easy-to-follow guide for anyone wanting to help the batteries last more — or just would like a different option from the typical 6-volt battery for a golf cart.

Lithium LifePO4 48V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery
Lithium LifePO4 48V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery

The Most Effective Golf Cart Battery Options


Generally, the kind of battery you require to power your golf cart will depend on the kind of cart you are driving. The reason that so many people utilize 6-volt batteries for their carts is that many traditional carts need the use of a 6-volt golf cart battery. If your cart does not have an electric golf cart battery that is 6-volt, the other choices are an eight-volt or 12-volt golf cart battery. While you could adjust your cart to accommodate a different kind of battery, most owners are sticking to the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid the additional expense and the potential for problems later on.

In addition to the six or 8-volt golf cart battery, you can find deep cycle batteries for electric carts. They provide different charges to ensure you can sustain the power you can depend on.

But the options don’t get any better from that point…

There are many options in the search for the most suitable golf cart battery to meet your requirements. Choosing the right battery for you will depend on the model of your cart, your budget, and what you plan to use (or would like to utilize) the golf cart to serve.

Various alternatives aren’t the best for the battery in your golf cart. If you’re in a pinch, you may be tempted to go with a marine battery; although it may last for a short time, it could reduce the time you can go without charge and may harm other parts of your cart over the long term. Whatever your friend suggests that you utilize a standard car battery for the golf cart you have, you shouldn’t — from the perspective of the options for golf cart batteries that are available, the car battery is among the most harmful in regards to longevity.

Your golf cart isn’t either a vehicle or boat — therefore, do not treat it as one.

In addition to the standard batteries mentioned above (6-volt, 8-volt, 6-volt 12-volt battery for golf carts), Our three top golf cart batteries are:

● Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

● 36 Volt Batteries

● 48 Volt Batteries

We love them for a reason- and why certain people do not…

Lithium golf cart Batteries: Golf cart batteries made of lithium are renowned for their durability; that’s one of the reasons why they are becoming more well-known in general. The lithium golf cart batteries will last through 5,000 charge cycles. This is more than 20 times the life expectancy of the typical golf cart battery of 6 volts or a 12-volt golf cart battery. The maintenance of the lithium golf cart battery is, however, more challenging than you think, as failing to maintain them correctly will negate the benefits they provide.

36-Volt Battery: One of the cheapest batteries to power your golf cart, 36v batteries work well for carts in standard conditions — such as driving around at the green or moving slowly on smooth sidewalks. 36-volt batteries aren’t suitable for offroading, but you can alter them to work with carts designed to move faster.

48 Volt batteries: Most golf cart owners who opt to utilize a battery with a voltage of 48 volts are doing so for off-road use. Basic battery options such as six-volt golf cart batteries and twelve-volt batteries for the golf cart may be a challenge to the power and efficiency of 48-volt. They’re, however, more expensive to buy. If you upgrade the cart’s voltage to the 48-volt system, you can also boost the value of your golf vehicle if you dispose of it.

36v or. 48v Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack – Which is the More Effective?

Power is one of the main factors when comparing golf cart batteries. There are two options for batteries: the 48v and 36v choices. It can be complicated if you’re new to the field and do not understand Amperage or voltage. Don’t worry!

In this article, we take it apart to make it easier for you. We also review the 36-volt and 48 volt golf cart batteries to let you decide which one is best for you.

Volts and Amps

If you’ve already spoken to the manufacturer of a golf cart battery, you’ve probably encountered”amperage, “voltage,” or “amperage” being discussed. The first thing to note is that voltage measures how much power the battery packs can produce. The battery pack to its motor delivers the more powerful the voltage, the more current.

What is the significance of voltage? Since more power means your electric vehicle is better at handling the tough terrain. It also improves your average speed.

On the other side, Amperage is a measurement of how long the battery can operate without recharge and running out of energy. Therefore, a higher amperage allows you to travel farther.

36 Volts against. 48 Volts

Golf batteries can be found in various configurations, including 6V, 8V, and 12V batteries.

An average 36-volt battery consists of six 6-volt batteries and three 12-volt batteries. Similar to a 48-volt battery, it could be made in the following ways: six 8-volt batteries, eight 6-volt batteries, and four 12-volt batteries.
To answer the most important question – which is the best choice? It all boils down to where and why you intend to use the cart. Here are a few things that will help you make a decision.

Power Output and Terrain

The effect of the terrain is mostly due to the differences in the power output of the batteries. A 36-volt battery produces lower power than its 48-volt counterpart.

Golf courses can be flat, or they could have inclines. It requires more power if you are on a hill and moving off the road or along the fairway. For this, a battery with a voltage of 48 V with larger amps and volts will be the best choice. 36 volt battery packs provide just enough power to travel straight, narrow roads. Additionally, an additional benefit, a battery with a voltage of 48 volts can provide more distance in a single charge than a 36-volt.


A golf cart battery with 36 volts is located at the lower cost side of the spectrum. This makes it the more affordable choice between the two. The 48-volt model isn’t cheap. However, the features and capacity make it worth the cost.

But, when looking at it in the long run, it is important to consider the cost of battery replacements. This is the price of each cell (the prices for 6V, 8V, and 12V batteries vary) and the number of cells included in each pack.

In the end, the brand’s influence is cost as well!

The 48-volt battery is more effective and offers an extended life span, whereas 36-volt batteries are less expensive. Batteries are always upgraded through the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.

Lithium LifePO4 48V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery
Lithium LifePO4 48V 100Ah Golf Cart Battery

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