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Golf carts appear in golf courses, villas, resorts, and places for tourism and sightseeing because of their environmental design and convenience. Traditional golf carts generally use lead-acid batteries. With the development of lithium battery technology, lithium-ion battery applied to golf carts, motorized push golf carts, electric push golf carts, remote control golf carts, battery golf trolley, electric golf carts, electric vehicle(EV) , all terrain vehicle(ATV&UTV) , recreational vehicle(RV) , electric 3 wheel motorcycle etc.

We recommend upgrading your golf balls to lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is suitable for short trips by golf cart. We needn’t worry about the battery having no power at some time. Neither worry about the battery being unstable to withstand the bad weather problems. Besides, it reduces maintenance costs.

JB Battery is golf cart battery pack manufacturers, factory, suppliers from china with 12v 200ah lithium ion deep cycle battery canada,48v 100ah lifepo4 golf cart battery, deep cycle lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery built-in bms protect charging and discharging,voltage with 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 60v ,72 volt and capacity options with 30ah 40ah 50ah 60ah 70ah 80ah 90ah 96ah 100ah 105ah 110ah 120ah 150ah 200ah 300ah 400ah and higher

JB Battery offer the high performance Lithium-ion battery, LiFePO4 golf cart battery is designed to replace lead-acid battery. If you have any quesstion, contact us now! The JB BATTERY experts will write you back soon.

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