Advantages Of JB BATTERY LiFePO4 Battery


Twice the power of traditional batteries


One quarter the weight


Charges up to 5X faster


Lasts 4X as long


Safe & reliable

It’s no wonder that those with golf carts, motorized push golf carts, electric push golf carts, remote control golf carts, battery golf trolley, electric golf carts, mobility scooters, EVs are switching to lithium batteries in droves. Simply put, they are more reliable, energy efficient, and safer than traditional alternatives. Not to mention they are much lighter, they won’t weigh your carts. No matter what small electric vehicle you use, lithium is the clear battery choice. As a lithium battery manufacturers leader, the JB BATTERY LiFePO4 golf cart battery has lots of advantages.

Quick, Stress-Free Charging
Charge your golf battery in as little as two hours. There’s no need to worry about overcharging. The built-in charge management system will make sure that never happens. Also, JB BATTERY lithium batteries can function in a wide range of temperatures. JB BATTERY lithium batteries will automatically detect when it’s too cold to charge.

Once charged, your lithium golf cart battery will maintain its charge even when not in use — for months, or even years.

Easy-Check Battery Status
JB BATTERY LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries could be equiped an easy-to-use bluetooth monitoring system. Connect your smartphone wirelessly to your battery with bluetooth. See exactly how many volts are available, and the percentage of life left. You can also view how much longer your battery will power your vehicle, or how long it will take to fully charge.

Environmentally Safe
One of the main disadvantages of lead acid batteries is that they’re full of toxic chemicals and are prone to leak. You have to be careful about where you store them, and choose a place with plenty of ventilation. JB BATTERY Lithium batteries are a safer, environmentally-friendly alternative. You can store them almost anywhere, even indoors! Once they’ve lived a (surprisingly long) lifetime, you can recycle them with your local battery recycling program.

Maintenance Free
You have enough to worry about without adding battery maintenance to the pile. Lead acid batteries need consistent care (like corrosion removal and electrolyte replacement). JB BATTERY Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are completely maintenance free.

Reliable & Consistent
With JB BATTERY lithium, you’re guaranteed a reliable charge and consistent power every time. Even after thousands of cycles, your battery will function almost as if it were brand new. In addition, JB BATTERY lithium batteries put out the same amount of amperage even when below 50% battery life.

Longer Lifetime
Yes, the lithium batteries aren’t as cheap as lead acid. But they last much, much longer. JB BATTERY LiFePO4 batteries are rated to last up to 5000 cycles. That means you can charge them 5,000 times (about 14 years if you charge once daily). Compare that to the 300-400 cycle lifespan of lead acid, and it’s easy to see which is the better investment.

Unbelievably Lightweight
If you wanted to carry around a ton of bricks in your golf cart, you would like the lithium battery. You don’t need a battery forcing you to haul around dead weight. JB BATTERY LiFePO4 battery is less than the lead acid counterpart. Use lithium, and your vehicle will be much easier to transport and maneuver.

Golf carts appear in golf courses, villas, resorts, and places for tourism and sightseeing because of their environmental design and convenience. Traditional golf carts generally use lead-acid batteries. With the development of lithium battery technology, lithium-ion battery applied to golf carts.

We recommend upgrading your golf balls to lithium iron phosphate batteries. It is suitable for short trips by golf cart. We needn’t worry about the battery having no power at some time. Neither worry about the battery being unstable to withstand the bad weather problems. Besides, it reduces maintenance costs.

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