Case In  Philippines: ODM Golf Cart Lithium Batteries With Conversion Sets

There is a golf cart fleet in the Philippines, it has worked for the resort hotel for a few years. The power of these golf carts were Lead-Acid batteries, they lasted very short, so the fleet can not work normally. The manager of the fleet contacted JB BATTERY through the web, we offered a golf cart ODM batteries with conversion sets solution for these used cart upgrading. They’re perfect available for drop-in replacement in the Lead-Acid golf carts. Now the fleet work normally again, and the power is much stronge than before.

Ever since the first Golf Cart was invented by JK Wadley of Texarkana in 1932, they have been powered by Acid Lead Cell batteries. The Acid Glass Mat (AGM) battery became widely used in the 90’s but this too was based on lead technology.

Both of these power storage devices have great drawbacks, they must be maintained, can’t be over-discharged, only produce about half of their stored energy and are very heavy.

Lithium Battery Technology is ready to take electric golf carts into the new century. JB BATTERY lithium golf cart batteries charge 2-3 times faster, can be fully discharged at full voltage, last 5-10 times longer and weigh 1/2 as much as AGM batteries.

Say Goodbye To Lead-Acid

JB BATTERY is innovating the future of lithium-ion battery technology used in mission-critical applications. Our lithium-ion batteries use a proprietary battery management system that unleashes the full potential of your battery system.

More Powerful
We only use the highest quality lithium-ion cells in our batteries. They offer more energy compared to standard lithium-ion batteries.

Faster Charging
Your battery will charge 5X faster compared to other lithium-ion batteries. We use Grade A cells that can be rapidly charged.

100% Recyclable
As the demand for lithium-ion batteries increases, our batteries are recyclable.

Less Headaches
Our batteries have a “Lithium Black Box” inside, similar to an aircraft flight recorder. This is a game-changing upgrade for support that is hassle-free.

Advanced BMS
The advanced BMS is inside each battery to protect your investment and give your product peak performance. Our technology will make your battery more efficient.

Worldwide Support
Our batteries can be easily transported anywhere globally backed by our proprietary technical support that can access your battery remotely.

There more advantages about JB BATTERY:

Drop in replacement for Lead-Acid batteries
The lithium battery size is smaller than the lead-acid

Longer lasting, longer range
To run all day without battery swaps

Free from daily managing
No water filling, no terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits on the top of our batteries.

Ultra safe
MThe LiFePO4 batteries have very high thermal and chemical stability. They also have multiple built-in safety features, including over charge, over discharge, over-heating and short circuit protection.

Higher charging efficiency, less power consumption
Our LiFePO4 batteries can be charged. Quickly in a short time, such as taking a rest, effectively increasing productivity.

The JB BATTERY offers the lithium battery ODM service, you can only customize the battery performance, but also customize the battery size, shape and the conversion sets.  The ODM “Drop-in-Ready” lithium batteries are perfect  dropping in replacement in the Lead-Acidand, and install in less than 30 minutes.

As this Philippines clent’s order:
The JB BATTERY 36V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries with conversion kit comes with everything you need to swap out their old lead cell batteries and update the golf cart to the latest lithium batteries.

The kit includes:
· 102 Ah JB BATTERY LiFePO4 Batteries with BMS
· Gauge all Copper Cables, Lugs and Tie Downs
· 36V Smart LiFePO4 Charger (120V), specially designed for our lithium chemistry
· Conversion instruction play by play

JB BATTERY is a professional, rich experienced, and strong technical team of lifepo4 battery manufacturer, integrating cell + BMS management + Pack structure design and customization. It focuses on the development and custom production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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