Differences Beeween Lithium Ion Vs Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

When choosing an optimal electric golf cart for your fleet, it is important to keep in mind which type to use, lead acid batteries or lithium batteries? One of the most important components of an electric golf cart is the battery. So, we will help you compare the most common differences: lead acid or lithium.

Most of the electric golf carts on the market equip lead acid batteries. However, even though more than 90% of the sector is concentrated on this type of batteries as they are more economical, acquiring lithium batteries will make the investment much more profitable because of its multiple advantages. When you know about the differences between the two batteries, you will have an other ponit.

Differences between lithium and lead acid batteries
The main differences wherein lithium batteries stand out more than traditional lead acid batteries are as follows:

They provide higher energy density: Lithium ion is a more cutting-edge type of battery, unlike traditional lead acid battery, has a much higher energy density and therefore can store energy while taking up less space with a lower weight. In addition, they are differentiated by their energy efficiency and higher performance, since they are 30% more energy efficient than a tradition battery of lead acid, that is, they represent a lower energy consumption, achieving even better results than those that would be achieved with lead acid batteries.

Extended life

Energy efficiency is related to battery performance over the lifetime of the golf cart. Lead acid batteries allow 1,500 life cycles, while lithium battery technology offers a lifespan of up to three times Also, with lead batteries, over the life of a golf cart you will need two to three battery packs (as long as there are no breakdowns), while in the case of using lithium, only one will be needed.

In conclusion, it has a longer life and provides a cost reduction over the lifetime.

Low self-discharge rate

Understood as loss of energy when the golf carts are not being used. In the case of a lithium golf cart the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries is 10 times lower than those of lead acid of any brand.

Fast charging

Lead Acid batteries need much more charging time, while lithium-ion batteries manage to charge 100% much faster. Therefore, a longer time of use of the golf cart and a shorter charging time is achieved.

Prevent overheating

Lithium batteries allow equipment to be left connected to the electrical current without running the risk of overheating and may increase the degree of self-discharge or may be the risk of fire.

Avoid the memory effect

Understood as reducing the charge capacity of the batteries as a result of recharging them without having let them discharge completely. Therefore, the charging capacity of lithium batteries is higher than lead batteries, i.e. the memory effect only affects lead batteries.

They avoid the need for maintenance

Lithium batteries, unlike lead batteries, do not need any maintenance or battery change; no water change is made, no gases are emitted and are therefore safer.

Avoid security risks for users
Hazards of chemical burns:
Lead acid batteries are composed of a liquid solution called electrolyte, composed of sulfuric acid and water. Sulfuric acid is responsible for the possible risks of skin burns in the event of an accident or misuse.

Toxic and flammable gases during charging:
When a lead-acid battery is recharged, a dedicated space with ventilation must be enabled, away from any source of fire or flame. In contrast, with completely watertight lithium batteries, they charge safely by not emitting any particles.

Lead Acid batteries are much more polluting than those of ion lithium as they do not contain any hazardous material unlike the lead acid ones.

Lithium batteries last significantly longer than lead-acid batteries because the lithium chemistry increases the number of charge cycles. An average lithium battery can cycle between 2,000 and 5,000 times; whereas, an average lead-acid battery can last roughly 500 to 1,000 cycles.

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