R&D & Manufacturing Of Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries

JB BATTERY is a professional, rich experienced, and strong technical team of lifepo4 battery manufacturers, integrating cell + BMS management + Pack structure design and customization. It focuses on the development and custom production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

JB BATTERY produces advanced LiFePO4 low-speed vehicle batteries that are a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and safer alternative to lead acid batteries. JB BATTERY is proud to serve the low-speed electric vehicles industry and adjacent markets about golf cart battery, electric vehicle(EV) battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV&UTV) battery, recreational vehicle(RV) battery, electric 3 wheel electric scooter battery.

With a customer-focused approach, we strive to provide superior customer support to ease the transition to a new technology.

Golf Battery R&D Department

UL safety electrical testing laboratory

Instrument Salt and Fog Test Equipment

High and low temperature performance test machine

Research and development equipment

Golf battery real aging test

Golf battery limit performance test

R&D Of Lifepo4 Lithium Battery
Found in 2008, Huizhou, China. Our chief engineer used to be the technical general manager of the top five lithium battery companies in China. with 20+ years of product development experience in the power supply industry, including lithium ion batteries. With 14 engineers of appearance design, structure design, hardware design, software design, testing, etc, from product concept to mass production, all these main jobs can be done in our factory.

Golf Battery Workshop

Robotic equipment

Automated line

Dust-free plant

Visual check system

Low tolerance

Pack stacking

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