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JB BATTERY is a professional, rich experienced, and strong technical team of lifepo4 battery manufacturers, integrating cell + BMS management + Pack structure design and customization. We focuses on the development and custom production of lithium iron phosphate batteries, especially good at golf cart battery.


More than 15 years of perfect lithium battery manufacturing and professional team, with strict quality control procedure.

R & D

High-tech enterprise with independent R&D, production, providing you with the right lifepo4 lithium battery solution.


Support lithium ion battery customization solution, while pursuing fast delivery and good quality, support MOQ 1pcs either.

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D and manufacturing of LiFePO4 Battery, NCM Lithium battery and Polymer lithium battery, Widely applied in lithium-ion battery for Low-speed electric vehicles, such as golf cart battery, electric vehicle(EV) battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV) battery, utility vehicle(UTV) battery, recreational vehicle(RV) battery, electric 3 wheel motorcycle battery.

Our R&D technical team come from China top 3 lithium battery companies, with over 15 years experience. We not only could provide standard battery solutions, also customized battery solutions

Adhering to a high-quality development strategy, JB BATTERY continues to focus on high-end lithium battery technology and products, owns core technologies of lithium batteries and energy storage system.

There are several energy solutions available when choosing an electric golf cart. In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become an increasingly popular power source. Lithium-ion batteries deliver maximum power all the time, regardless of how much charge is left, unlike lead- acid batteries where less charge affects speed and lifting capacity. JB BATTERY has assembled thousands of lithium-ion batteries which power our lift trucks throughout global market, providing businesses with a high-quality and safe way to power their material handling equipment.

As a new energy and high-tech corporation, JB BATTERY will further increase its investment on R&D and keep providing better technical solution to meet increasing demand of customers.

One Of The Top Lithium Battery Company To Rocket Your Business
With high safety, high multiplier charge and discharge characteristics, and long cycle life, lithium phosphate battery is considered one of the future mainstream technology development routes. Lithium iron phosphate battery is more powerful, drive longer, lighter weight, smaller size, and safer than conventional lead-acid batteries. It help you save money, cause no maintaining. It also help you save time, cause no water, no long waiting time. JB BATTERY can provide you with one-stop golft cart LiFePO4 battery solutions.

Choose Your Best Lithium Ion Battery Company
We are qualified to provide you with the complete lithium power pack, and portable power station to the largest battery storage system solutions and perfect cycle service. The voltage, capacity, size, shape, and function of the batteries can be flexibly customized to meet your individual power needs.

· 15 years + production experience in LiFePO4 industry
· R&D capability, senior engineer from BYD
· With ISO9001 and TS16949 and production system standards
· Certificates of UL, CE, UN38.3, MSDS, FCC, ROCH, etc.
· Support OEM/ODM service

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Supplier
JB BATTERY is committed to providing you with the right lithium phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 battreies). The most efficient, secure, and long cycle life lithium ion battery replacement is perfect for the low-speed vehicles, such as golf cart, RV, EV, ATV, UTV, 3 wheel motor. More than 15 years of R&D experience and 20 years of technical engineers make us more professional and efficient.

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