Widely Application Of LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries

From 1990 lithium-ion battery appeared, with the continuous acceleration of scientific and technological development, lithium-ion battery technology has been developed accordingly, lithium iron phosphate batteries also came into being. Lithium phosphate battery alternative to lead-acid batteries and technology has been relatively mature, most applications of lead-acid batteries can be replaced with lithium iron phosphate.

Compared with traditional lithium batteries, it has more security, no memory effect, high operating voltage, long cycle life, high energy density, easier maintenance and other obvious advantages, mainly used in power batteries and energy storage batteries, but also widely used in communications and power grid construction.With the gradual deepening of the global energy crisis and the increasing pursuit of environmental protection, the lithium battery industry as new energy and environmental protection is also developing rapidly.

LiFePO4 Battery, with the full name of lithium iron or lithium ferro phosphate battery. It is a high-power lithium-ion rechargeable battery for tractional power, such as golf cart battery, electric vehicle(EV) battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV&UTV) battery, recreational vehicle(RV) battery, electric scooter battery that uses lithium iron phosphate as the positive material. LFP battery cell has excellent safety and cycle life performance advantages and is the most critical technical index of a power battery.

A unique performance makes it the mainstream of the battery. The future will also show a rapid growth trend in the traction LiFePO4 battery field, and there will be new market opportunities.

As a professional golf cart battery factory, JB BATTERY offers different volts of lithium ion golf cart batteries, likes 36v lithium golf cart battery, 48v lithium golf cart battery. All of them are designed to replace the lead-acid batteries. They can deliver the sort of hassle-free experience. With one of our lithium batteries fitted in your golf buggy you will never have to top-up the fluids again.

LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery
When you enjoy the convenience and fun of a golf cart, do you consider that the battery needs charging again? How long will it take to be fully charged? Is it time to maintain the battery again? Will the battery be damaged in the rain? Lithium iron phosphate batteries can solve these worries for you, enhance your experience, long life, fast charging, zero maintenance, and save your costs. Lithium golf cart batteries are your best solution to replace lead-acid batteries.

Low-speed EV LiFePO4 Battery
JB BATTERY Lithium battery systems are available to improve your low speed electric vehicle performance, offering weight savings, consistent power delivery, and zero maintenance compared to traditional lead acid battery technology.  As a manufacturer with an engineering staff and application experience, JB BATTERY recommends lithium only for use on electric vehicles with modern AC drive systems that can be tuned to take advantage of the lithium power delivery.

Lithium Ion Atv& UTV Battery
What are the perks of a lithium ATV & UTV batteries over a lead acid variety? First, a lithium battery for ATV and UTV vehicles offers superior power capacity, and they can be discharged up to 100%, which means more hours on the job or trail. ATV lithium battery models are also extremely light, so racers and anyone looking to cut vehicle weight should opt for one. The typical lithium lifespan also beats out other batteries, as they can last up to 10 years with proper care.

Lithium Ion RV Battery
Caravan lithium ion battery, the main role is to store solar energy, the front car driving, utility access to electricity, to the RV household appliances power supply, and electric vehicles are different, the needs of car enthusiasts is regularly charged and discharged, and power supply must be safe. Therefore, the long cycle life and the advantages of high security, making lithium iron phosphate become your first choice for camping electricity scenarios.

Lithium Ion Scooter Battery
Keep your scooter lighter and driver longer with a lithium LiFePO4 battery.

JB BATTERY’s LiFePO4 lithium scooter batteries are built tough, from the highest quality materials. They provide power you can rely on, for endless hours on your mobility scooter, elecric 3 wheel motor or electric wheelchair.

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