Case In Malaysia: JB BATTERY Plug-And-Play Batteries Are Modular And Fast Installation

China 24V 100Ah Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery Pack

JB BATTERY has the professional ability and experience to master lithium iron phosphate battery technology to help you revolutionize the golf cart industry! We carry a full line of lithium batteries to power golf carts, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, UTV, ATVs, and more. The amount of energy provided in our golf cart batteries is staggering considering that some of our batteries fully charge in as little as 30 minutes! There is a reason golf courses all over the world are switching to a lithium golf cart battery and that is efficiency.

All of JB BATTERY plug-and-play batteries are modular and fast installation, so you can link them together in series or parallel for more power. JB BATTERY LiFePO4 golf cart batteries provide golf cart owners consistent reliable power from sun up to sun down and with a 75% reduction in weight, your cart will perform much better and faster. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.

A golf cart fleet work for the resort in Malaysia, their cart’s Lead-Aicd battery lifetime is out, they can’t drive longer. The golf players complained the cart service many times. So the resort has to improve this situation, if buy new golf carts, it will cost lots of money, because the number of golf cart is large. But the resort chose a second way: upgraded the golf carts batteries from Lead-Acid to LiFePO4 Lithium. They order the JB BATTERY’s LiFePO4 golf cart battery with a customized size and shpae, they can perfect fitted to their own cart. Cause this JB BATTERY ODM battery service, it saved lots of money for the resort.

Advantages of JB BATTERY’s lithium batteries:

Five Years Warranty
Built with LiFePO4 battery cells that are engineered to deliver superior performance, Excellent Drop in replacement for AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery. Last 8 to 10 times longer than standard lead acid batteries. Our products have a 10 years service life and provide a five years warranty.

Widely Applications
50% lighter than lead acid battery of the same capacity, And there is no memory effect, no matter what state the battery is in, it can be used as soon as it is charged. Ideal for 12V deep cycle applications in Caravans, Camper Trailers, Medical Devices, Motorhomes & Electric Mobility Scooter.

The positive and negative poles on the battery can discharge and charge the battery.JB BATTERY LiFePO4 battery’s flat discharge curve holds above 12V for up to 90% of its capacity usage providing astronomical boosts in run-time compared to only 50% in Lead Acid.

Built-In Smart BMS
JB BATTERY LiFePO4 battery has built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. Built-in temperature protection function, BMS cuts off charging below -4℉(-20°C), high temp cut off prevents charging over 158℉(70℃).Battery BMS does not support battery series use.If you need to use it in series, please contact us for customization.

JB BATTERY Lithium Golf Cart Batteries help you play longer with twice the run time for your golf cart or electric vehicle while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Plus, JB BATTERY Lithium batteries require no maintenance (no watering, no corrosion), are great for long-term storage (JB BATTERY Lithium batteries lose only 3% charge per month vs 33% for lead acid), and can charge 5X faster than lead-acid – giving you more time, and more freedom on and off the green.

Also, JB BATTERY Lithium Batteries will last 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries which will eliminate golf course owners’ need to continually replace their lead-acid batteries thus lowering your upkeep by 100% over time! Whether you are a private golf cart owner or a golf course owner JB BATTERY Lithium Batteries are the best golf cart battery on the market!

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited is a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D and manufacturing of LiFePO4 Battery, NCM Lithium battery and Polymer lithium battery, Widely applied in lithium-ion battery for Low-speed electric vehicles, such as golf cart battery, electric vehicle(EV) battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV) battery, utility vehicle(UTV) battery, recreational vehicle(RV) battery, electric 3 wheel motorcycle battery.

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