The Best Golf Cart Battery: Lithium Or Lead Acid?

Lead acid or lithium…what’s the best golf cart battery?

You could say that the lead acid battery is the “OG” in the battery world. Invented over 150 years ago, it’s the standard choice for powering carts, boats, and machinery.

But is an “oldie” always a “goodie”? Not when something newer shows up–and it proves to be better.

You may be surprised to hear that lithium batteries, the “new kids on the block”, can actually transform the way your golf cart drives.

Here are a few quick reasons why:

· Consistent and powerful. Your cart can accelerate much faster with lithium, with no voltage sag.
· Eco-Friendly. Lithium is leak-proof and safer to store.
· Fast-Charging. They charge quickly. (4x faster than lead acid)
· Hassle Free. They’re easier to install (drop-in ready!)
· (Almost) Any Terrain. They can get your cart up hills and around bumpy terrain with ease.
· Money Saving. Lithium saves you money in the long run.
· Time Saving. They’re maintenance-free!
· Saves Weight and Space. Lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than lead acid.
· Lithium is Smart! With lithium you have the option to see battery status via bluetooth.

Lightning Fast, Intelligent Charging System
If the best golf cart battery is the one that allows you to charge your cart faster, lithium is the clear winner. Since lithium batteries can accept higher charge currents, they take 2-4 hours to charge, as opposed to 8-10 hours for lead acid.

So what does that mean for your cart? No more canceling golf trips or errands around the farm or neighborhood because of a dead battery. You can charge your battery during lunch break and it will be ready to go when you are. It’s also a huge advantage for renters. You can have your carts charged and ready to go for the next customer.

And here’s one more charge-related perk: you don’t have to worry about overcharging your lithium golf cart. You can damage a lead acid battery by letting it charge too long. But lithium batteries have a built-in management system to keep that from happening.

More Power In A Smaller Package
Let’s say you’re wondering how to make your golf cart faster. There’s a few things you can do to make that happen– like upgrading the motor and adding more torque.

But there’s a much simpler way to get your cart to accelerate with ease: just change the battery! By switching lead acid for lithium, you can instantly eliminate up to 70% of battery weight. Now your cart can achieve higher speeds with less effort. It won’t huff and puff up hills, and it can handle bumpy terrain with ease.

Eco-Friendly And Maintenance Free
Let’s talk about chemistry for a minute. Battery chemistry. Lead acid batteries consist of flat lead plates swimming in dilute sulfuric acid. If that doesn’t sound like the safest combo to you–you’re right. Lead acid batteries are susceptible to leaking and corrosion. They’re like puppies that need constant attention or they’ll ransack the house! They require constant maintenance to make sure those chemicals don’t leak out and harm the environment.

Now ionic lithium batteries, on the other hand, are built from lithium iron phosphate. They are sealed, which eliminates leaking. That means they won’t harm the environment. As far as maintenance goes, they’re like teddy bears as opposed to puppies. You don’t need to lift a finger to take care of them.

This Time, Newer IS Better
Why plod about with an old, outdated flip phone, when you could be tapping away on a smartphone? Sure, a vintage phone is a much cheaper buy. But they can only call and text. (And maybe entertain you for 2 minutes with a primitive game like “Snake”). Smartphones can do so much more.

The same goes for golf cart batteries. Lead acid does the job. It may cost less up front but the best golf cart battery gives you more than just an adequate power source.

In fact, lithium golf carts are actually smart. You can connect your lithium battery to bluetooth and check on its status from your phone. You’ll know how much battery life is left at any time. Plus, you can view how much longer it will power your cart, and how long it will take to charge.

What About Cost?
The best golf cart battery for you is ultimately the one that saves you time, money, and weight off your cart. You already know that lithium saves you time with charging and maintenance. It also cuts out a ton of dead weight. But what about money?

Like we mentioned above, lead acid may cost less… up front. But here’s how a lithium golf cart will save you money in the long run:

Lithium batteries last up to 5,000 cycles, compared to 500-1,000 cycles for lead acid. You have to replace lead acid batteries much more often than lithium. So in the end, lithium pays for itself.
For golf carts, lithium lowers cost of ownership. The battery can last the cart’s entire lifetime. That translates to higher residual values for cart leases.
Lithium golf carts do less damage to golf courses/your property because they weigh less.
You’ll save the money you would spend on battery maintenance.
Is It Time To Switch?

If you want a true upgrade for your cart, and not just an “ok” battery to power it, then yes, it’s time to make the switch! Turn your tired, sluggish old cart into an efficient, hill-climbing machine with the best golf cart battery: LiFePO4.

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