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Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china and how to choose a bms for lifepo4 cells

Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china and how to choose a bms for lifepo4 cells

BMS means battery management system. These are commonly called battery managers, which intelligently maintain and manage every battery unit to prevent the batteries from undercharging or overcharging. These systems also prevent batteries from short-circuiting while monitoring the status of the battery and protecting performance.

Lithium-ion batteries come with a BMS system which is the most critical part of the battery pack as it guarantees the safety of the entire pack.

Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china
Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china

Top manufacturers
In China, many BMS manufacturers are creating some of the most outstanding solutions for the world. Some of the top 5 battery management system manufacturers in China include:

1. Pylontech
This company is one of the pioneers of lithium battery storage systems and has been operational since 2009. The company handles the application and development of different energy products. The company has been able to integrate some key links within different industrial chains and deals with core technologies, including BMS systems, Ems systems, lithium cell manufacture, and system integration.

This company was set up in 2000 and stands as one of the top 5 battery management systems manufacturers in China today. The company is a software enterprise and component agent dealing with the design, sale, and development of charging, standby, car, audio, security, consumer electronics, power supply, and small appliances.
Generally, the company engages in sales and technical development of hardware and software electronic products, battery management systems, hybrid integrated circuits, batteries, and so on.

3. JB Battery
This is another company that has to be mentioned and has been very active in exploring and selling superior battery products and BMS technologies. This company has been operational for over a decade and has all the necessary capacity to meet different market demands. Products from JB Battery have international accolades, which has set the company on a pedestal among the greatest in China.

The company was founded in 1996 and has been a key enterprise in China, recognized by the relevant ministry. The company handles the development and research, sales and manufacture of different power management systems, software products, standard instruments, and electronic meters. The company has made great strides and owns software copyrights and national patents on its products, putting them on a bar higher than many others.

5. BYD
The company was founded in 1995 and has experienced rapid development. The company has established over 30 industrial parks in different parts of the world. This has helped the company realize a strategic layout instrumental to its growth. The business layout of BYD covers different fields such as automobiles, electronics, rail transit, and nee energy.

The company’s main scope is the creation of different battery chemistries like lithium-ion. It is also engaged in making electronic products, chargers, flexible circuit boards, instrumentation, hardware products, sale and production of displays made of liquid crystal, molds, phone spare parts, GPS navigation systems, and soon. In addition, the company engages in the creation of the best BMS for batteries.

How to choose a bms for lifepo4 cells

A BMS greatly depends on the size of your battery system. Most importantly its rated voltage and capacity.

A few important terms you want to better understand before deciding on the right BMS are:

Any LifePO4 BMS should be compatible with your LiFePO4 specs. For example if you bought a 12V battery pack, you should be using a BMS rated for 12V.

Most importantly, you want a BMS rated with the correct amperage.

To calculate this, you need to estimate the maximum power (in Watts) that you will be drawing from your battery.

Remember: Power (W) = Voltage (V) x Amperage (A)

Here’s an example, let’s say you wish to build a solar system with a 3000W inverter to power loads of up to 2500W. In addition, you’re thinking about getting a 100A BMS to connect to your 12V LiFePO4 battery pack for this system.

At first glance do you think this will work?

That’s right, it won’t.

That’s because: Power (W) = 12V x 100A = 1200W

With this sort of system, you won’t be able to power any loads reaching over 1200 watts.

However, if you use a 250A BMS, your maximum power output of your system becomes 3000W: Power (W) = 12V x 250A = 3000W

Now you have a compatible BMS size to your 3000W system.

Do keep in mind though, that we are using an example with a battery pack rated at 12V. If you were using say a 24V or 48V battery your power output would look something like this:

24V battery pack: Power (W) = 24V x 100A = 2400W max power output

48V battery pack: Power (W) = 48V x 100A = 4800W max power output

With a 100A BMS in a 24V battery you come close to being able to power the loads you are after.

Do keep in mind though that this particular 100A BMS you are after will need to be rated at the same voltage as your battery system. In this case, 24V or 48V.

Another way of figuring out whether your desired BMS will be compatible to your battery is using the rated capacity and C-rate.

Here’s example:

Your battery pack has 200Ah of capacity and a maximum C-rate of 0.2C. Then your BMS should be able to handle at least 40A because: 200Ah x 0.2C = 40A max, delivered for 5 hours

Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china
Top 5 battery management system manufacturers in china

China has taken its place in the global market by producing the best quality BMS systems. As more innovations continue coming into the market, here are even greater things to look forward to in the days to come.

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