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Top 10 sodium ion battery pack manufacturers and companies in china

Top 10 sodium ion battery pack manufacturers and companies in china

Sodium-ion batteries have a great market space today, especially in cases where high energy density is not required. There are estimates that the battery expansion will be very high in the next few years. China’s top 10 sodium ion battery manufacturers are working hard to create some of the most superior options to meet market demand.

Presently, different companies are handling raw materials and battery production. Knowing the best manufacturers to source sodium ion batteries helps you make the most informed decision at the end of it all.

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The best companies

Some companies have taken a significant part of the industry, offering some of the best sodium ion battery options. Some of the most outstanding options include:

  1. Sacred Sun

The company has been around for three decades and has a great standing in the Chinese industry and the world. This company offers high-tech, state-of-the-art products to meet market demands that match industry standards. In addition, the company works to offer customers the best power solutions as well as energy storage options, including sodium-ion batteries.

  1. Nanshan Aluminum

The company has been operating for a long time and specializes in different tech areas. The company creates products in fields such as aluminum deep processing, battery foil, food packaging, cans and containers, door and window systems, good civil profiles, industrial profiles, containers, petrochemicals, energy, ships, rail transit, automobiles, and aviation.

  1. CFH

This is a company established in 2008 and based in Shenzhen. The enterprise deals with the production and sale of sodium-ion batteries. It deals with different materials to create superior battery options as required in the market.

  1. Dingsheng

This is one of China’s biggest sodium ion battery manufacturers, covering a huge area with a big employee base. In addition, it is involved in the sale and production of aluminum based on material tech.

  1. Sunwoda

This is another brilliant sodium ion battery manufacturer in China. The main thing at the company is R and D. The other is the production, design, and sale of batteries and modules. The company has grown into a global leader over the years.

  1. Zhongkehai

The company focuses on research, development, and production of superior sodium batteries, and it is one of the global companies with core parts for sodium batteries technology. The batteries created are safe, bear a high-density long life, and are low cost. The company also handles the supply of cathode and anode materials.

  1. JB Battery

This company has a good market reputation and is among the top 10 soidum ion battery manufacturers in China. It is well established and capable of handling different battery chemistries and custom solutions for different market needs.

  1. CATL

This is a world leader in new energy technology and provides first-class services and solutions in applications worldwide. The company is also making great strides in manufacturing and distributing sodium-ion batteries.

  1. Huana

The company concentrates on the best batteries’ sales, manufacture, research, and development. It also stands as one of the top sodium battery manufacturers. The company also concentrates on the creation of the best energy solutions on a global scale.

  1. Natrium

Natrium concentrates on technological engineering and innovation of sodium batteries. It also deals with energy storage systems, new generation power systems, and smart grid energy storage, among others.

Sodium-ion batteries show great potential, and there is much to look forward to in the coming years. The top companies actively engage in research and development for the most favorable outcomes.

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