lithium ion 36 volt golf cart batteries

36 Volt and 48 Volt LifePo4 Lithium Ion Long Life Deep Cycle Battery Pack for Golf Cart

36 Volt and 48 Volt LifePo4 Lithium Ion Long Life Deep Cycle Battery Pack for Golf Cart

If you’re searching for an affordable and reliable battery charger for your golf cart, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve gathered the top lithium battery packs that are suitable for golf carts so that you can get the most out of your journey. If you’re searching for an efficient and compact charger, a huge battery pack that can meet everything you need, or a variety of chargers that can handle various carts, we’ve got it covered. We’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you select the best lithium battery for your golf cart. So take a look and discover the ideal battery pack for your next drive!

12V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery
12V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery

Long life deep cycle golf cart batteries

Understanding the Golf Cart Battery options and how to make your Cart’s Golf Cart Batteries Last More Longer

JB BATTERY lithium batteries for golf carts offer high quality and durability. We utilize the most advanced technology to improve longevity and maintenance time. We at JB BATTERY offers Rocket Golf Cart Batteries available in 12-volt, 6-volt, 8-volt, and 24-volt versions so that the right fit for the needs of your golf cart battery.

The Most Reliable Golf Cart Battery Options


Typically, the type of battery you require to power your golf cart will depend on the cart you are driving. So many people utilize 6-volt batteries for their carts because most traditional carts need an electric golf cart battery of 6 volts. If your cart does not have an electric golf cart battery that is 6-volt, the other choices are eight-volt or 12-volt golf cart batteries. Although you can make changes to your cart to accommodate a different kind of battery, most users will stick to the recommended model to avoid any additional costs and problems down the road.

In addition to the six or 8-volt golf cart batteries, deep cycle batteries are found for electric carts. They have different charges to ensure you can sustain the power you can depend on.

But the options don’t stop at that point…

Most golf cars that are used these days use the 6-volt battery for golf carts, and that’s why most internet searches of golf cart batteries direct you to options that are 6 volts. But, of course, it is true that, as any golf car owner familiar with an electric battery that is 6 volts knows, there are many reasons people would like to look for a different alternative. Not only are the 6-volt golf cart batteries unable to recharge very fast, but they can also be unreliable in terms of power and other requirements for performance.

There are many options in the search for the most suitable golf cart battery to meet your requirements. The best battery for you will depend on the model of your cart, budget, and what you need (or intend to make use of) the golf cart for. Certain alternatives aren’t the best for the battery in your golf cart. If you’re in a pinch, you may be tempted to go with a marine battery; however, although it may be functional for a brief period duration, this could limit the length of time that you can go without charging and could cause harm to other components of your cart over time. Whatever your neighbors advise you to utilize a standard car battery for the golf cart you have, do not — from the perspective of the options for golf cart batteries available, the car battery is the least reliable regarding longevity.

Your golf cart isn’t either a vehicle or boat — therefore, do not treat it as one.

In addition to the standard batteries mentioned above (6-volt, 8-volt, as well as 12-volt batteries for golf carts), Our three top golf cart batteries are:

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, 36 Volt Batteries48, Volt Batteries

Pros and Cons

Lithium golf cart Batteries: Golf cart batteries made of lithium are well-known for their long-lasting nature; that’s one of the reasons why they’re becoming well-known in general. Golf cart batteries made of lithium will last up to 5,000 charge cycles. This is 20 times longer than the typical 6-volt golf cart battery or a 12-volt golf cart battery. However, maintaining the lithium golf cart’s battery is more challenging than you think, and the inability to maintain them properly will negate the benefits they provide.

36 Volt Battery: One of the cheapest batteries you can use for your golf car, 36v batteries are great for carts in standard conditions — such as cruising at the green or driving at a slow pace on smooth sidewalks. 36-volt batteries aren’t suitable for off-roading, but you can change them to fit on carts that are specifically made to speed up.

48 Volt batteries: Most golf cart owners who opt to utilize a battery with a voltage of 48 volts are doing so for off-road use. Primary batteries like six-volt golf cart batteries and 12-volt batteries for golf carts may be a challenge to the power and efficiency of the 48-volt. However, they are more expensive to buy. If you upgrade your golf cart with a 48-volt system, you will also increase the worth of your golf vehicle if you dispose of it.

JB BATTERY offers the best lithium-ion battery packs to power your golf carts. We have the most up-to-date technology and the most reliable quality. Contact us now to get what you need!

24V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery
24V Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery

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