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How much do 48v golf cart batteries cost?

How much do 48v golf cart batteries cost?

If you have a golf cart, you need to find an appropriate way to run it. one of the best options for powering it is using 48v golf cart batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are very popular in this kind of application. With such batteries, you will achieve the amperage and voltage needed for them to function the right way. However, every golf cart has a specific amperage and voltage needed to function correctly. Therefore, it is important to find a product that matches the requirements at hand.

Many battery options can be picked for a golf cart, and different brands are available in the market. Although such things determine the price of the battery, the best thing is to work with a manufacturer or supplier who truly understands the batteries and can guide you in picking the right option.

12v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery
12v 50ah lithium ion golf cart battery

Battery type

The main battery types available in the market today are lithium and lead-acid batteries. Looking at them lightly, it is not clear right away their huge difference. However, these batteries are not the same.

Lead acid

Lead acids have been used in golf carts for a long time and are often present in standard golf carts. They are a common option, and they are effective. The downsides are that they are heavy and need to be monitored and maintained throughout their useful life. The charge time takes a long time before the full charge is realized. They need the water levels to be maintained, and failing to do so affects performance and could lead to heating up. They need to be cleaned as well. You notice that lead-acid batteries cost much less than lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium batteries

These batteries have become popular today. Funding these batteries in the latest golf cart models is not uncommon. They are expensive when we compare them to lead-acid batteries. However, their advantages make them a better option in comparison. These batteries don’t need maintenance, and no extra work is needed. You don’t need to monitor them constantly while tightening and cleaning off deposits.

These batteries are also light compared to lead acid. This means you will be able to move much faster. As a result, you get better performance. In addition, the lightweight feature means that the battery can handle inclines better than other heavier battery types.

Lithium batteries achieve full charge faster, which means great energy bill savings. Within one hour, a lithium-ion battery achieves around 80 percent charge. This is a significant difference that cannot be ignored. The technology used to create lithium-ion batteries is superior, and the lifespan is much longer.


The cost of a battery depends mainly on the type you are using. The cart can have different batteries simultaneously, and you need to get enough. The cost of getting or replacing batteries costs more for lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries cost around 800-1500 dollars. Lithium-ion batteries usually cost 2000 dollars and above. This up-front price is high, but it is the better option in the long run. At JB Battery, we have high-quality 48v golf cart batteries to choose from at fair prices.

Best 48 Volt Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Suppliers
Best 48 Volt Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries Suppliers

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