48v 100ah lithium ion battery for golf carts

36 Volt And 48 Volt Golf Cart Lithium Batteries Pro and Con

36 Volt And 48 Volt Golf Cart Lithium Batteries Pro and Con

An electric golf cart is an excellent choice for golfers of any age to improve their golf performance. A golf cart battery to your golf game provides plenty of help to the player. Unfortunately, there was a time when most people opted for lead-acid batteries.

Since lithium-ion batteries came on the market, many consumers seem to be shifting toward this. There are numerous benefits to using lithium batteries for your golf car. However, there are some disadvantages. Nothing is perfect if we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries.

It’s the same with the battery for the golf cart. There are numerous advantages to having a lithium-ion battery. However, it is necessary to accept certain drawbacks along with the benefits. The issue is, is the lithium battery worthwhile or not?

In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of lithium-ion batteries to determine if it is the right choice for your needs or not. First, check out the following information.

lithium ion golf cart batteries suppliers
lithium ion golf cart batteries suppliers

Golf Cart Lithium Batteries Pro And Con

Using lithium golf cart batteries for players has many advantages and disadvantages. This article will explore everything in detail.

Pros of Golf Cart Batteries

The benefits of lithium batteries for golf carts are as follows:

Battery Lifespan

When we consider the average golf cart battery’s time of life, it generally can last up to 500 charging cycles. But lithium battery has a longer life span than lead-acid batteries. It can go greater than 5000 charge cycles easily.

It’s fair to choose lithium batteries over other types of batteries. Lithium batteries consume a lot of energy, and it takes considerable time before they are removed. You can relax for many years if you choose to use wet golf cart batteries.

The wet batteries in golf carts can last for a long time if properly maintained. However, wet batteries can last about half of a normal battery’s lifespan compared to regular lithium batteries.

Light in weight

The majority of golf cart batteries are huge and heavy. It requires lots of space, and it is uncomfortable to work with these batteries due to their massive mass. If the golf cart is required to carry such a large weight, it needs more power to recharge the battery.

It also adds more work for the battery. High-power batteries require more energy to function properly. When we speak of lithium-ion batteries, they’re exact opposites.

Lithium-ion batteries aren’t too much. They are lightweight in comparison to standard Golf cart batteries. Their lighter weight permits your golf car to go without the effort required. They don’t even require a lot of energy to charge completely.

Maintenance of a lighter-weighted battery is much easier as opposed to heavy ones. If you require the batteries fixed or when you’re required to replace them with new ones, lighter-weighted batteries are simple to carry. In addition, they are more flexible because of their lightweight.

No Issue of Acid Leakage

The traditional Golf cart batteries are generally acid-based. The plates that are used in batteries are covered with sulfuric acid and electrolytes. When these two substances are in contact, they generate acidic energy.

When the acid that has formed is combined with the saturated liquid, it creates a dangerous acid leakage. This is unfortunately frequent and occurs most often when golf carts are used. This is more frequent during times when golf carts are utilized very frequently.

The use of lithium batteries can save you from this type of anxiety. There’s no need to be concerned about leaks since these batteries don’t use sulfuric acid. This is an adequate reason to select a lithium-ion battery because there is no chance of harmful fluid spills.

High-Power Battery

Traditional battery packs for golf carts are heavy, consuming a lot of energy for charging. However, lithium batteries are lighter in weight.

They are also more efficient, even though they weigh less. When we compare lithium-ion batteries to traditional batteries, lithium batteries are more powerful than conventional batteries.

They’re much faster-releasing energy when they are more efficient than lead-acid batteries. This is one of the main reasons why these batteries are becoming increasingly well-known among the general public.

No Maintenance

It’s a feature both lazy and extra-efficient golfers appreciate and doesn’t require much effort to maintain. Unlike lead-acid batteries, you don’t have to exert much effort to maintain a lithium battery, So worrying about checking the fluid levels to determine if it’s low or high is unnecessary.

It’s not necessary to be filled with any fluid in any way. The greatest benefit is you don’t need the thought of cleaning or getting rid of the rust that has formed since it isn’t likely to cause corrosion. Put lithium batteries are maintenance-free.

Cons of golf Cart Lithium Batteries

The disadvantages of lithium batteries in golf carts are listed below.

Explosion Factor

The truth is that lithium batteries provide better advantages when than regular batteries. First, however, you must be sure whether the disadvantages that it has been worth the risk or not? Sometimes, an item comes with many advantages, but only one disadvantage.

You must ensure that there is no drawback greater than the benefits or is not. When we speak about lithium batteries, one of the major risks is the risk of explosion issue. In addition to the many benefits, safety is the most important.

Risk life’s security for short-term gain is not a good idea. However, lithium batteries fail to offer security features. As a result, they often face the problem of overheating when they are charged excessively. In addition, they can also be dangerous when exposed to temperatures outside.

It can be quite dangerous for lithium battery chargers to be charged in the heat. When temperatures are extreme, the battery is more likely to overheat.

The cost of a Lithium Battery

When we think of lithium battery costs, they can vary from down to up or from down to up. However, they’re generally more expensive than conventional batteries. Replacing a standard lead-acid battery isn’t required to spend a lot of cash.

However, to replace the battery with lithium, it is necessary to organize the cost money since it’s quite expensive to buy. When we examine the costs, lithium batteries don’t cost more than normal batteries. But they’re nearly four times more expensive than conventional batteries.

If the cost isn’t a major concern, you could choose lithium batteries. However, they are more expensive than traditional batteries since they require more energy.
Charger Problem

The charging issue is present in lithium batteries more than in lead-acid batteries. You’ll need to recharge these batteries often, similar to cellphone batteries. The great thing is these batteries are completely maintenance-free.

The process of charging lithium-ion batteries is similar to charging a regular battery. But there is a substantial risk when charging since the batteries are highly sensitive to temperature. For example, suppose you missed a step or made a mistake while charging. In this scenario, there’s an increased chance of overheating or an explosion.

Factory defaults

For lithium-based batteries, be prepared to always handle battery defaults in the factory. It isn’t the case with lead-acid batteries. As a result, most lithium batteries fail before getting half the normal battery life.

This can happen even after the warranty time. Although they are more expensive, there’s a good chance of overheating or even an explosion due to an unintentional factory defect. This should be taken into consideration before deciding on whether to purchase lithium batteries or not.


Lithium-ion batteries are trendier when compared to traditional batteries. However, there are a variety of advantages that these batteries provide, despite having a greater cost than a lead-acid battery.

They have a more long-lasting life than regular batteries, and maintenance is simple. In addition, they are lighter, making them easier to carry around whenever needed.

Lithium batteries offer many advantages, such as ease of maintenance, longer life, and a speedy charging process, as well as other advantages. However, they are at significant risk of explosion and overheating when exposed to extreme heat or charging too much.

To help you decide whether to choose to use a lithium battery or not, we’ve presented above the various disadvantages and benefits of the use of a lithium battery.

48v 100ah lithium ion battery for golf carts
48v 100ah lithium ion battery for golf carts

It is hoped that it will be useful to determine if the lithium battery is a good choice for you.For more about 36 volt and 48 volt golf cart lithium batteries pro and con,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.lifepo4golfcartbattery.com/lithium-golf-cart-batteries-pros-and-cons/ for more info.

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