12V 105Ah LiFePO4 UTV battery, all terrain vehicle(ATV) battery, utility vehicle(UTV) battery, Electric 3-wheel scooter battery, Lithium-ion battery

· UTV Lithium Battery
· 12 volt lithium-ion battery
· Nominal capacity: 105Ah
· Nominal Energy: 1344Wh
· Cycle Life@EOL=70%: >3500
· Case Material: ABS
· Fast Charging
· No Maintenance/No Watering
· Cell type / Chemistry: Lithium – LiFePO4




· Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
· Voltage Range: 10~14.6V
· Nominal Capacity: 105Ah
· Nominal Energy: 1344Wh
· Cycle Life@EOL=70%: >3500
· Internal Resistance (25℃,50%SOC): <5mΩ
· Idle Mode: ≤100μA


Continues Charge Current@25℃: 52.5A
Maximum Charge Current@10S,25℃: 105A


Continues Discharge Current@25℃: 105A
Maximum Discharge Current @10S,25℃: 210A


Charge Temperature Range: 0~50℃
Disharge Temperature Range: -20~50℃
Storage Temperature Range: -20~50℃


Certifications: IEC62619/ UL1642
Shipping Classification: UN38.3


Dimensions(L x W x H): Customized
Weight: Customized
Terminal Type: M8
Terminal Torque: 10N-m
Battery Type: LFP
Case Material: ABS


Over Current Charge Protection: 100±5A
Over Current Discharge Protection: 250±5A
Short Circuit Current Protection: >1926A
Cell Over Voltage Charge Protection: 3650mV
Cell Over Voltage Charge: 3550mV
Cell Low Voltage Discharge Protection: 2500mV
Cell Low Voltage Discharge: 3200mV
Charge Temperature Protection: 65±2℃
Charge Temperature: 55±2℃
Discharge Temperature Protection: 69±2℃
Discharge Temperature: 55±2℃


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There are several energy solutions available when choosing an electric golf cart. In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become an increasingly popular power source. Lithium-ion batteries deliver maximum power all the time, regardless of how much charge is left, unlike lead- acid batteries where less charge affects speed and lifting capacity. JB BATTERY has assembled thousands of lithium-ion batteries which power our lift trucks throughout global market, providing businesses with a high-quality and safe way to power their material handling equipment.

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